Are you ready to earn 100% Commissions? You close it – You keep it!

By joining the team, the benefits you will receive are:

100% commissions – take control of your earnings!

Take FREE advantage of a highly successful, aggressive marketing campaign and promotional ads

Access to advice and guidance

Volume bonuses (keep 85% of your volume bonuses)

Fees and compensation

Recruitment bonus

Be a member of one of the leading mortgage brokers in Ontario

Industry-wide recognition

Free business cards

Free personalized website

We provide all of our agents with an online presence by building application forms into your website to upload into mortgage software. Increase your performance by:

Receiving email applications on mobile

Eliminate re-entry errors and save time by no longer having to enter deals twice

Single click upload of applications



We will help you create a marketing campaign to increase your volume flow on a continuous basis. We will ensure that you, the mortgage agent, will have a recognized name that clients can relate to and rely upon. Take advantage of our aggressive marketing campaigns and promotional ads.

One of the perks of joining our team will be the free initial printing of business cards and website design. Our team will create a website that best suits your needs. You will also have access to our online applications that will automatically upload your client information into the current mortgage software that all lenders use. This will create a web presence for yourself and save you precious work time—no more double entering deals.

100% Commissions

Imagine: every dollar that you earn, you keep! Not only will this keep more in your pockets but this will also allow you to invest in your future to further expand your business. This applies to both finder fees and broker fees earned. Whether the mortgage deal is placed privately or institutionally, you get it all!

Advice & Guidance

At, we want you to have a successful business! We will offer our expertise, advice, and guidance to help you earn more per deal and close a higher percentage of deals. We have a wide array of support staff available to you to answer any questions you may have regarding deals and client files. wants you to close the deal, and we’ll help you get there!

Fees & Compensation

We have created a revolutionary fee and compensation structure that will best suit YOUR needs and give YOU, the agent, 100% of your commissions! This system would work as follows:

  • Each agent will pay a monthly fee of $ 800.00 regardless of volume – these fees would cover administration and storage costs
  • Each agent would be responsible for their credit report costs on a monthly basis
  • For every deal closed, the agent will receive 100% of fees earned (broker and finder fees)! Please refer to the previous section for information regarding volume bonuses.
  • We can create a compensation package that works for the agent

Volume Bonus will pay a portion of the corporate volume bonus back to you, the agent, based on your performance. This applies to both non-qualifiers and qualifiers. If you qualify on your own, will reward you with 100% of the associated volume bonuses! Our goal is to make you succeed and put MORE money in your pocket!

Recruitment Bonus

To further expand your business and increase your monthly revenues, we’ve also created a recruitment/headhunter corporate program. The details of this program are:

  • For every additional agent that is referred by you, and that is signed by, you, the referring agent, will receive 30% of the administration and storage costs paid by the new agent on a monthly basis. This can be credited to your own administration and storage monthly fees!
  • There is no time limit to this fee—essentially, this could be a lifetime of monthly income for you!
  • If you refer four agents in one year, then your monthly administration and storage costs will essentially be negative, and at this point, will be providing you with cash-in-hand!

The opportunities to succeed are endless when you join the team—a winning team!

At, we appreciate the value that you can bring to our team.

 call at 1-866-608-4237 or email us.


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